Ras Benard Benzima - Founder:Executive Director

Ras Benard Benzima – Founder/Executive Director 

Ras Benard Benzima commonly known as The Hip Hop Minista is an Ordained Minister, Psychotherapist, Hip Hop Culturist, Host, Arts Business Consultant, Events producer, Actor, Film Producer, Arts Marketing Strategist, Youth and Community Development Specialist, Arts based Programs Developer and Manager, and Creative Facilitator.

Ras comes with over 10 years of professional experience working with diverse communities, institutions, companies, and organizations both locally and globally.  He has notably served as the region Director of the Universal Zulu Nation in 2020, Uganda Chairman at Generation Hip Hop Global from 2018-2021, Associate at Skillz East Africa from 2018-2020, Artist, Researcher, consultant and programs designer with United Nations High Commissioner For Refugee (UNHCR) Child Protection Unit in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlements in 2017, Representative Youth in Africa at GRIPS Theatre Symposium in Germany in 2019,Researcher on Hip Hop in Africa with Hip Hop Association For Advancement and Education (HHAE) from 2020-2021, Host of many events across East Africa, Panelist and speaker on many platforms across the world, and consultant with arts, youth and cultural organizations in Africa. 

He is the Founder of Authentic Voices Africa a global based cultural movement. He is the Associate Director of Mkhulule (Set Her Free) Girl Child Foundation as managing all the arts girl child programs. He is the Co-founder and Uganda Directorof Youth Leadership 8, an International Youth Leadership initiative. He is the Uganda Chairman Hip Hop Works Inc. A global chapter based nonprofit Hip Hop and Youth