Odomoch Brenda - Project Coordinator-Artists In Residence

Odomoch Brenda – Project Coordinator (Artists In Residence)

B’FFAL alias Odomoch Brenda, is a born of the Lango Tribe from Lira City Northern Uganda, East of Africa, a multiple Award winning and Nominated Hip-Hop/Rapper and vocalist since 2007, a poet, script writer,  music producer, an activist an Entrepreneur and a Realtor.

She is the founder/CEO of Artists for Social Development (ASD); Founder/CEO of Let God Enterprises(LGE);

The Project Manager of Artists in Residency at Authentic Voices Africa(AVA)

and a Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop Foundation Archivist and Practitioner.

She is also the current Vice Chairperson of Hood Brothers and Sisters Association (HOBSA) working towards incorporating music and art towards Community empowerment and development in Lango and Uganda at large.

All the above Organisations use Art in general and music as an empowering, educational, developmental and nurturing tools for the youths and the community at large.