Nambarilwa Joana Aka Bgirl Jojo

Nambarilwa Joana Aka Bgirl Jojo – Programs Coordinator

Nambarilwa Joana AKA Bgirl Jojo is a Ugandan International Dance Performing artist, Social worker and Entrepreneur. Her dance styles are Breakdance, New style Hip-hop, Afro house, African contemporary and Uganda traditional dance)

She use dance and creative methodology to empower the girl child in diverse communities through numerous education and community programs that are strengthened by my specialism in Social development and creative industry.

Joana is the founder- Mkhulule (Set Her Free) Girl Child Foundation a nonprofit organization working as a voice to the voiceless girl child , Authentic Voices Africa- programs coordinator , member- Breakdance Project Uganda

Since 2010, she has collaborated, worked and performed with different organizations, theatre and festival in Africa and around the world such as Batalo East, Uganda National Cultural Centre, MUDA school of dance, 23rd Botha International Festival for youth and young children, Viva ConAgua, Alliance Franchise, East African Records and Breakfast Jam. She is also known as the best Bgirl in East Africa having won at various BreakDance battles across East Africa such as Hip Hop for Society, Breakfast Jan and Skillz East Africa since 2013.

She has through Set Me Free reached out as a voice to the voiceless girl child in underprivileged diverse communities using performing arts providing a platform for them to tell their inner stories through workshops, theatre productions, events and documentary.