International Culture Exchange Tour

International Cultural Exchange tour is organized after the Artists in Residence and Festival program bringing the experience to various destinations across the world.

The exchange will focus on meeting of different identities and life realities through workshops/presentations (in rap, dance, theater and film), performances, screenings (film and documentary), and poetry bringing the participants into a transcultural exchange, stimulate awareness of prejudice, exchange ideas of knowledge, to think and negotiate socio-political-climatic questions and answers as well as common assumptions about to critically reflect and question the world, and empowerment of self regardless of their social status,
identity, religion, background or biography and cultural background.

Through partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships, Authentic Voices Africa looks to bring a team of Artists (music, Dance and film) to Europe and America on a 3 months Tour to feature on events and festivals, work with learning institutions, youth spaces, immigrants and cultural organizations, and collaborate with local artists.