Artists In Residence

Artists In Residence-is a 2 weeks residency program that brings together artists (musicians, rappers, poets, story tellers, producers, beat makers and filmmakers) both traditional & urban from across Africa & diaspora in Kampala, Uganda for networking and collaborations in creation of authentic products (music, poems, beats and film), telling inner stories and building a powerful community of artists. The
program aims to;

• Bring artists from Africa, Europe, America and other parts of the world for a 3 weeks arts and cultural exchange in Uganda.

• Provide space & support for artists to develop new work & creatively explore new ideas to environmental, mental health, economic and social issues experienced as an individual also as a

• Provide professional development opportunities for the artists.

• Avail a platform for diverse & indigenous cultural expressions.

• Establish a deeper connection & understanding between artists across Africa & world.